Fly near an Airport

Night or Day






Daring AIR’s Camera Drone platform is progressively improving overall Production Value at a Cost-Effective and Timeline-Effective rate.


Our team of drone experts originate from the Industry, adapting our skills of storytelling to the aerial drone platform.


Our prompt timing and execution of aerial camera movement is Industry Leading and has proven the Camera Drone to be a Professional solution in the fast-paced scripted TV shooting schedule.


Working in line with your ADs & Camera department, we ensure a prompt result in your shooting day’s timeline.


We carry a $5,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy throughout our fleet of camera drones.

the quickest faa approvals in the country


We can obtain an Airspace Approval faster than anyone in the Country.


A valid UAS Drone License is required to Pilot a Camera Drone in the National Airspace.  The pilot MUST acquire written Airspace Approval from the FAA to fly a Camera Drone near an airport or any controlled airspace.


If a Pilot operates in controlled airspace without an FAA approval, the Pilot and the Production Company are subject to penalties on the Federal level.


Daring AIR's pilots are all licensed with the ability to promptly acquire the appropriate FAA Airspace Approval.

industry leading professionals